Preview Nation is enthralled to bring you the inside scoop on one of the most eye-catching properties we’ve ever came across- the famous “Glass Onion” home/commune. We’re talking about a 450-million-dollar property listing that’s got the whole internet buzzing.

For those who aren’t already familiar, Netflix recently released the “Knives Out” sequel, “The Glass Onion“. This star-studded, suspense filled murder mystery made it to their list of most-watched movies of all time- in as little as 10 days (with over 90 million household views). The movie’s plot centers around the main character, Miles Bronx, and takes place at his stunning Greek commune on a private island in the Aegean Sea.

Listed as a 29,000 sq. ft. extravagant estate, it is described to have 17 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, and to be sitting on 26 acres. From 7 private studio villas, wine cellar, lush gardens to a rooftop parking space, luxurious pool, museum grade security, and more- it is apparently chalk full of lavish features.

Glass Onion Greek Isle Commune: Multi-Layered Living in Paradise


The only catch to actually purchasing this pricey piece of paradise that we find listed on Zillow? Although it’s being shared all over social media and gaining tons of public interest- it’s not actually for sale.

Sorry, guys. This property listing is nothing more than a cleverly done advertisement by Netflix. In fact, the “listing agent” is one of the main characters in the film (residential beach bum Derol Zablinski).

In all reality, “The Glass Onion” was primarily filmed at the Amanzoe hotel in Port Heli, Greece. Consider the ultimate mystery solved. But hey, if you’re ever compelled to visit- luxury awaits you.