Realtor Partners

  • You are showcased on the site as a neighborhood expert.
  • You have the ability to post and become a content creator.
  • You can showcase businesses in your neighborhood.
  • You will be featured in “Top Ten” posts.

We do a TikTok Live every Monday featuring Timothy Michael Padavic nd Team. Here is the time:

We go over content creation, brand development, client engagement, and creating followers.

FSBO & Expired Listing Marketing

We have an extensive following of FSBOs, that will probably use an agent to sell their home, and we have a great format for Expired Listings to move to the next agent. We hope that will be you.

We do all of the marketing and connections to the FSBOs and Expired Listings. You, just prepare to close on the listing. We can also assist with that too. Our goal is to have the best agents in that neighborhood that they specialize in, sell those houses.

Viral Vertical Videos

This is goal for our realtor partners.

We assist with creation, content, editing and posting.

This is FREE to our partners.

Become a partner today. Yep, it is no cost to you.

Please text 1 (855) 750-5678 or


Business Partners

Businesses that want to get local and national exposure, please text for information and pricing

1 (866) 756-7694

or email to

All businesses except Realtors.