There are many perks to having referral connections in the realty business. Forming and exploring strategic partnerships to share referrals is something that can lead to a plethora of connections and opportunities. According to statistics – “47% of all recent home buyers received a referral from a friend, neighbor, or relative. That number is 55% for buyers ages 23 to 31. Referrals remain the primary method most buyers use to find their real estate agent.”

By establishing and utilizing referral connections- you can cultivate greater personal brand awareness, offer your clients valuable recommendations to services they may need, and grow your network exponentially.

Preview Nation is proud to present to you a list of the top ten best referral connections for realtors to have, including an example of one we successfully work with. Here it is:


1. Home Repair

2. Home Cleaning Services

3. Movers

4. Interior Designers

5. Flooring Companies Renew Floors Today


They have a new program called “Hardwood Floors & Staircases.”

They pay a referral fee for hardwood floors installed , hardwood floors refinished and a referral fee for staircases.

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6. Lawn Care Specialists

7. Coffee Shops

8. Auto Repair Services

9. Lawyers (Including estate planners) 

10. Roofers